Message from the Director of Undergraduate Studies

Jennifer Wright Knust

Students choose a Religious Studies major for a variety of reasons. Some desire to engage in the serious study of their own religious tradition. Others are eager to find out about other religious traditions. Some are interested in the role played by religion in society and culture. Others see the Religious Studies major as core to a liberal education prior to entering business or a profession. Still others begin their study with a view to continuing it by doing graduate work in preparation for teaching or ministry. Given the breadth and scope of the course offerings in religious studies, students can plan a course of study that meets these and other personal and professional interests.

You will find on this site an introduction to the study of religion at Duke. It is intended for both majors and minors and also for anyone interested in work in the Department of Religious Studies. Requirements for the major in Religious Studies listed here are those listed in the current Bulletin of Undergraduate Instruction. Requirements for the major are subject to periodic revision, so please consult the Bulletin periodically for changes that may apply to you.

We hope that you will consider taking courses in the Department of Religious Studies. All of our faculty members are distinguished scholars in their respective fields and are dedicated to undergraduate teaching. They are enthusiastic about their work, and are eager to share this interest and excitement with students.

If you have any questions about our department, our major, our minor, or the courses we teach, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Jennifer Knust
Professor, Department of Religious Studies
Director of Undergraduate Studies