Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies Requirements

Major Requirements: 10 Courses

To receive the Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies, you are required to successfully complete 10 Religious Studies courses, with at least 6 of these numbered 200 or above. Other course requirements are:

  • Introductory course
    • All majors must enroll in REL 101—Introduction to Religious Studies
  • 1 course must be either:
    • a Religious Studies independent study taken in your junior or senior year,
    • A small group learning experience/seminar taken in your junior or senior year, or
    • A Religious Studies honors project
  • At least 3 courses within "Three Religious Traditions"
    • All students must take at least 1 course from each of 3 different religious traditions
  • 4 course set with a thematic or methodological focus
    • In consultation with your advisor and with the advisor's approval, you must choose a set of 4 courses that constitute a focus on a particular aspect of religion
  • Portfolio
    • Each major will also produce a Portfolio through PebblePad. This Portfolio should include:
      • At least one journal entry per semester, to be uploaded during bookbagging, before meeting with Major Advisor
      • A record of 4 course set with a thematic or methodological focus (see above). Please list the title of your focus, and the four courses to be used.
      • Student’s own nomination for his/her best Religious Studies paper at the end of each semester in which a Religious Studies course has been taken.
      • In Spring of senior year, please complete the Exit Questionnaire

For students participating in a Study Abroad program, please note that only 2 approved Study Abroad courses can count toward your major.

Also, only 1 Divinity School course can count toward the major, and that course cannot be equivalent to a course offered by the Department of Religious Studies. Students interested in taking Divinity School courses should consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies about which ones may count toward the Religious Studies major.