Three Religious Traditions

All Religious Studies majors are required to take at least 1 course from each of 3 different religious traditions. You can take more than 3 if you chose.

In selecting courses to fulfill this Three Religious Traditions requirement, please review the classes below. Please note that this list does not include Special Topics courses and junior-senior seminars, which will be approved for a specific tradition by the Curriculum Committee on an ad hoc basis.

Number Title Codes
RELIGION 150 Christianity CCI, EI, CZ
RELIGION 155 The New Testament CCI, EI, CZ
RELIGION 350S Non-Canonical Gospels EI, ALP, CZ
RELIGION 351 Jesus and the Gospels CCI, EI, CZ
RELIGION 352 The Life and Letters of Paul CCI, EI, CZ
RELIGION 353 Ethical Issues in Early Christianity CCI, EI, CZ
RELIGION 360 Jesus in Film CCI, ALP, CZ
RELIGION 367 Women and Sexuality in the Christian Tradition EI, W, CZ
RELIGION 368S The Theology and Fiction of C. S. Lewis EI, ALP, CZ
Number Title Codes
RELIGION 110 Self, Society and Art in Modern Hinduism CCI, EI, CZ
RELIGION 242 Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma CCI, ALP, CZ
Number Title Codes
RELIGION 219S Muslim Women Across the Ages CCI, W, CZ, SS
RELIGION 295S Black Muslims: Race, Religion, & Culture CCI, CZ
RELIGION 373S Islamic Mysticism CCI, EI, CZ
RELIGION 374S Muslim Philosophy and Theology, an introduction EI, CZ
RELIGION 375 Islamic Civilization I CCI, EI, CZ
RELIGION 376 Islamic Civilization II CCI, EI, CZ
RELIGION 380 Muslim World: Transformations and Continuities CCI, SS
RELIGION 384S Islam in the Americas CCI, W, CZ, SS
RELIGION 386S Local Islams: Islamic Communities in the Area CCI, EI, CZ, SS
RELIGION 388S Muslim Ethics and Islamic Law: Issues and Debates CCI, EI, CZ
Number Title Codes
RELIGION 145 The Old Testament/Hebrew Bible CCI, EI, CZ
RELIGION 271 Sex and Gender in the Hebrew Bible CCI, EI, CZ
Number Title Codes
RELIGION 140 Judaism CCI, CZ