The Jewish Studies Bible, Second Edition

Adele Berlin and Marc Zvi Brettler (editors)


Oxford University Press

At 2,300 pages and featuring 54 contributors and 42 essays, the second edition of The Jewish Study Bible represents a monumental scholarly achievement. First published in 2004, The Jewish Study Bible is a landmark, one-volume resource tailored especially for the needs of students of the Hebrew Bible.

It combines the entire Hebrew Bible—in the celebrated Jewish Publication Society TANAKH Translation—with explanatory notes, introductory materials, and essays by leading biblical scholars on virtually every aspect of the text, the world in which it was written, its interpretation, and its role in Jewish life. This second edition includes revised annotations for nearly the entire Bible, as well as forty new and updated essays on many of the issues in Jewish interpretation, Jewish worship in the biblical and post-biblical periods, and the influence of the Hebrew Bible in the ancient world.

In the podcast “New Books in Biblical Studies,” Brettler, professor in the Department of Religious Studies and Bernice & Morton Lerner Professor in Judaic Studies, talks about the complexity of that undertaking and the foundations upon which it was built.