Independent Study

Independent study provides the ideal opportunity for the student with an interest in some specific problem to pursue that interest in a detailed way not possible within the regular course framework. According to University guidelines, independent studies must result in a substantive paper or report containing significant analysis and interpretation of a previously approved topic. Students are expected to meet with their supervisor regularly, preferably on a weekly basis. It is up to the student to find a faculty member to supervise his or her project. An appropriate faculty member would be one who specializes in the same general area of the independent study topic. If the student cannot identify a suitable supervisor for the desired project, he or she should seek guidance from his or her advisor, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, or any other member of the faculty. 

Those students wishing to do independent study should follow the university procedures and fill out the form.
The properly completed form must be returned to the Department of Religious Studies main office (118 Gray Building), where it will be submitted to the Director of Undergraduate Studies for approval.