Independent Studies

We prefer in general that all MA students enroll in graduate seminars. However, if a student wishes to take an independent study with a professor (such as in cases where a professor is offering an undergraduate course in a topic of interest but no graduate course on that topic is being offered), the process is as follows:

  1. Student must hold a consultation with the instructor and discuss the scope of the study, proposed readings, the form of assessment, whether undergraduate course audit is required, the title, and schedule a minimum of 6 meeting times.
  2. Student shall, based on the consultation, complete the course proposal form. Note that the title for the independent study shall not be identical to an undergraduate course title and days and times for the faculty/student meetings are not to coincide with the exact days and times of the corresponding undergraduate course (if applicable).
  3. The student will bring the form for the independent study, along with the form for audit (if instructor requires it) to the instructor for signature.
  4. After obtaining the instructor’s signature(s), the student must obtain the DGS signature, then turn the form(s) in to the DGSA (Carol Rush) to process.
  5. DGSA will provide student and instructor with the appropriate course # and permission #.
  6. DGSA will store the pertinent course forms on DukeBox (RS Collaborations – Year – Name of student (folder) – student files)