Integrating Poetry in Second Language Learning


Speaker(s): Catherine Ryu
This presentation demonstrates the ways in which poetry can be integrated into second language learning so as to enhance students' L2 language proficiency and cultural literacy. Utilizing the speaker's own experience of having designed and implemented poetry-mediated Japanese courses at Michigan State University, this presentation provides concrete strategies for developing goal-oriented lesson plans, scaffold leaning activities, and assessing learning outcomes, which all synergistically support students' acquisition of linguistic and cultural grammars in their target L2 languages. The participants will also have opportunities to explore and share their own pedagogical approaches to L2 language learning via poetry, be it recognizing patterns of sounds, words, images or generating innovative forms of digital storytelling and other meaning-making activities in target languages.
Catherine Ryu is associate professor of Japanese literature and culture at Michigan State University. Her teaching and research interests include classical Japanese, Heian narratives, gender studies, global studies, game studies, Zainichi studies, digital humanities, and second language studies.
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Integrating Poetry in Second Language Learning


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