Religion and Science: Biology, Minds, and Souls

The diverse interactions of religion and science from the Renaissance to the present. The profound transformation of pre-modern science by seventeenth-century revolutions and nineteenth-century discoveries; in turn, the transformation of society, including religion, by modern science. Some consideration of physics and astronomy, but major focus on the impact of Darwinian anti- teleology and modern biology, especially animal studies, on “natural theology” and traditional arguments from design.

Community Media and Social Change in India

How civil society in India is challenging hegemony of mainstream media, providing democratized alternatives to the concentration of media power in a few global conglomerates. Inquiry into ways civil society organizations negotiate religion and secular impulses for social change. Key aspects of grassroots media technologies: contextualization in religion and culture, community participation and ownership and non-profit management. Focus on participatory video and nascent community radio movement through case studies, media theory, and field-level interactions.