Islam in the Americas

Explores how Muslim communities live and practice Islam in the American context. Examines diverse Muslim communities emerging from transatlantic exploration, trade in slaves, and migration as well as indigenous conversion. Discussion of religious and cultural identities of American Muslim peoples and consideration of questions of communal organization, religious authority, gender dynamics, youth culture, political and civic engagement, as well as American Muslim comedy and entertainment.

Zionism: Jewish and Christian Aspects

Examines various trends and ideologies within Zionism, with emphasis on the movement’s religious aspects. Study of various forms of Zionism, both Christian and Jewish, in the context of the constantly shifting Christian-Jewish relationship. Introduction to the origins of political Zionism, with focus on the manner in which religious ideas influenced both Zionism and the State of Israel. One course.

Religion and Race

Discussion of various ways in which “race” has been defined and constructed in recent centuries using categories from biology, sociology, philosophy, genetics, anthropology, etc. Examines how religious traditions and practitioners have actively sought both to eliminate race and have been complicit in maintaining and defending it. Special focus on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the modern period. One course.