Religion in Black America

Survey of traditional African religions. Explores the various expressions of religion by African slaves and their descendants in the United States from the seventeenth century to the present. Central focus on the engagement of African in America with Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. One course.

Community Media and Social Change in India

How civil society in India is challenging hegemony of mainstream media, providing democratized alternatives to the concentration of media power in a few global conglomerates. Inquiry into ways civil society organizations negotiate religion and secular impulses for social change. Key aspects of grassroots media technologies: contextualization in religion and culture, community participation and ownership and non-profit management. Focus on participatory video and nascent community radio movement through case studies, media theory, and field-level interactions.

Muslim Women Across the Ages

This course explores the diverse realities of Muslim women’s lives, from the origins of Islam to the present, through autobiographical and biographical accounts situated in their social, economic, political, and cultural contexts. The women we will encounter through textual and audio- visual materials represent a wide range of personal backgrounds, including scholars, mystics, merchants, philanthropists, poets, slavegirls, feminists, and Islamists. We will metaphorically travel across the globe and time to understand the multifarious facets of Muslim women’s lived experiences.