Shamanism and Spirit Possession

Anthropological, psychological, and Religious Studies approaches to cross-cultural study of spirit possession and shamanism. Examination of in-depth case studies and comparative works, from both literate civilizations and non-literate cultures. Engage with contemporary concerns with nature and boundaries of personhood and embodiment and their relation to leadership. One course.

Religions of Asia

Problems and methods in the study of religion, followed by a survey of the historical development, beliefs, practices, ethics, and contemporary significance of the Islamic religion and religions of south and east Asia. One course.

Muslim Women across the Ages

Explores diverse realities of Muslim women’s lives, from origins of Islam to present, through autobiographical and biographical accounts situated in their social, economic, political, and cultural contexts, representing multifarious facets of Muslim women’s lived experiences. Women encountered through textual and audiovisual materials represent a wide range, including scholars, mystics, merchants, philanthropists, poets, slavegirls, feminists, and Islamists. Topics course. One course.


Introduction to Islamic theology, practice, social institutions, and ethics in the past and present. One course.