Jesus in Film

Studies a variety of cinematic and television films that focus on Jesus; compares and contrasts documentary approaches with dramatic depictions; views the films alongside scholarship on Christian origins and asks what these films reveal about their creators, their social locations and their source material; investigates the reception of these films in both academic and popular culture. One course.

Non-Canonical Gospels

Historical-critical study of early non-canonical Christian Gospels, with special reference to the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Peter, the Protevangelium of James, the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, Papyrus Egerton 2, Gospel of Mary, Gospel of Judas, Gospel of Philip, Dialogue of the Savior and Secret Mark; their relationship to other early Christian texts, their view of Jesus, their place in early Christianity; questions of authority, canon, canonical-bias, and concepts of heresy and orthodoxy. One course.