Spring 2018

Course Number Title Course Description Instructor
RELIGION 101 INTRO TO RELIGIOUS STUDIES Introduction to leading themes and concepts in the study of religions from the ancient world to the... Winters, Joseph
RELIGION 145 OLD TESTAMENT/HEB BIBLE Historical, literary, ethical, and theological investigations of the ancient Near Eastern context... Peters, Melvin
RELIGION 151 CHRISTIAN THEOLOGICAL DEBATES Study of the major theological concepts of Christianity, in an attempt to understand when and why... Walsh, Erin
RELIGION 180S MIGRATION AND HUMAN RIGHTS Introduces students to the history and contemporary conditions of North Korean refugees and other... Kwon, Nayoung
RELIGION 190S SPECIAL TOPICS SEMINAR Topics and instructors to be announced. Instructor: Staff Davidson, Christina
RELIGION 216S HINDUISM AND JUDAISM Using interdisciplinary comparative frameworks, this course will study how two major world... Brettler, Marc
RELIGION 236S RELIGION IN BLACK AMERICA Seminar version of Religion 236. Instructor: Peters Peters, Melvin
RELIGION 242 KUNDALINI YOGA AND SIKH DHARMA Introduction to Kundalini Yoga and meditation and yogic lifestyle as taught by Yogi Bhajan through... Khalsa, Keval
RELIGION 242 KUNDALINI YOGA AND SIKH DHARMA Introduction to Kundalini Yoga and meditation and yogic lifestyle as taught by Yogi Bhajan through... Khalsa, Keval
RELIGION 260 PILGRIMAGE AND TOURISM Investigation of pilgrimage and tourist destinations (Jerusalem, Rome, Santiago, Orlando, New York... Wharton, Annabel
RELIGION 261 MED CHRISTIANITY IN FILM/FICTN Exploration of modern popular fictional representations of Christianity in the Middle Ages,... DuBois, Katharine
RELIGION 262 DANTE'S DIVINE COMEDY A voyage through the three otherworldly places of Dante's philosophical poem (Hell, Purgatory,... Eisner, Martin
RELIGION 263 MYSTICAL LITERATURE Explore... Shakhly, Abdul Sattar
RELIGION 266S HARRY POTTER AND RELIGION This course explores the response of many Christians to the Harry Potter book series. Some... Keegan, Brenna
RELIGION 278S EPICS OF INDIA Wide variety of epics across linguistic, geographical, and community orientations. Moral... Prasad, Leela
RELIGION 281 BEAT GENERATION SPIRITUALITY Places Beat Generation spirituality in its contexts by study of sources and texts that influenced... Need, David
RELIGION 287 RELIGION AND SCIENCE The diverse interactions of religion and science from the Renaissance to the present. The profound... Kadivar, Mohsen
RELIGION 290S SPECIAL TOPICS Seminar version of Religion 290. Instructor: Staff Asadi, Torang
RELIGION 290S SPECIAL TOPICS Seminar version of Religion 290. Instructor: Staff Lohr Sapp, Christy
RELIGION 324 ZEN BUDDHISM An examination of Zen Buddhism from its origins to its global spread in the nineteenth-twentieth... Jaffe, Richard
RELIGION 328 BUDDHISM AND SEXUALITY Critical examination of the relation of religion and sexuality with special attention to Buddhism.... Kim, Hwansoo
RELIGION 340 JEWISH HISTORY, 1492-PRESENT Major developments in Jewish history from the early modern period to today. The Kehillah, the... Hacohen, Malachi
RELIGION 342 THE HOLOCAUST Antisemitism and the Jewish question in Central Europe, the development of Nazi policy, the Final... Duffy, Eve
RELIGION 350S NON-CANONICAL GOSPELS Historical-critical study of early non-canonical Christian Gospels, with special reference to the... Goodacre, Mark
RELIGION 351 THE HISTORICAL JESUS An investigation of what can be known about Jesus of Nazareth, his teaching about the kingdom of... Goodacre, Mark
RELIGION 370S UNDERSTANDING THE QUR'AN Qur'an as central text of Islamic ritual and belief, national reflection, and transnational... Kadivar, Mohsen
RELIGION 375 ISLAMIC CIVILIZATION I First part of two-course sequence providing an extensive survey of Muslim peoples and institutions... Hassan, Mona
RELIGION 552S LIVE IMAGES The study of ancient and medieval works speaking statues, miraculous icons, moving paintings.... Wharton, Annabel
RELIGION 620 EXEGESIS HEBREW O T A. Pentateuch B. Historical Books C. Major Prophets D. Minor Prophets E. Writings F. Proverbs G.... Brettler, Marc
RELIGION 690S SPECIAL TOPICS Subject varies from semester to semester. Instructor: Staff Need, David
RELIGION 767 HOW BLACKNESS THINKS This course examines current directions in conceptualizing black social life and performance.... Winters, Joseph
RELIGION 775S SOCIOLOGY OF RELIGION Begins with Durkheim's and Weber's different approaches to the sociology of religion. Considers a... Chaves, Mark
RELIGION 780 XTIAN MOVEMENT: CHINA This course examines the history of Christianity in China from the beginning through the twentieth... Lian, Xi
RELIGION 884 RELIGION & TECHNOLOGY This course explores the intimate and ancient role of the cultural construction of the human body... Morgan, David
RELIGION 890 SPECIAL TOPICS Graduate level special topics in religion. Topics may include Early Christianity and Deuteronomy,... Stulac, Daniel
RELIGION 89S FIRST-YEAR SEMINAR (TOP) Topics vary each semester offered. Instructor: Staff Friedman, Joshua
RELIGION 996S TEACHING IN RELIGION Course specifically designed for students in Graduate Program in Religion. Offers students chance... Chapman, Stephen
RELIGION 999 SPECIAL READINGS Instructor: Staff Hassan, Mona
RELIGION 999 SPECIAL READINGS Instructor: Staff Lieber, Laura