Fall 2017

Course Number Title Course Description Instructor
RELIGION 110 SELF, SOCIETY, ART IN HINDUISM An exploration of the beliefs, ethics, everyday and ceremonial practices, philosophies, mythologies... Prasad, Leela
RELIGION 145 OLD TESTAMENT/HEB BIBLE Historical, literary, ethical, and theological investigations of the ancient Near Eastern context... Brettler, Marc
RELIGION 150 CHRISTIANITY Introduction to Christian doctrine, ritual, social organization and ethics in the past and present... Wagner, Nicholas
RELIGION 190FS FOCUS SEMINARS (TOP) Topics vary from semester to semester. Open only to students in the Focus Program. Instructor: Staff Brettler, Marc
RELIGION 213S SHAMANISM & SPIRIT POSESSION Anthropological, psychological, and Religious Studies approaches to cross-cultural study of spirit... Freeman, John
RELIGION 219S MUSLIM WOMEN ACROSS THE AGES This course explores the diverse realities of Muslim women's lives, from the origins of Islam to... Hassan, Mona
RELIGION 232S PROPHECY AND PROPHETS Seminar version of Religion 232. Instructor: Peters Peters, Melvin
RELIGION 246 MUSIC IN SOUTH ASIA South Asian musicians and their instruments, genres, performance traditions, and contexts. Study of... Kramer, Jonathan
RELIGION 247 T'AI CHI AND CHINESE THOUGHT The philosophy, cosmology, and other aspects of traditional Chinese thought embodied in the martial... Need, David
RELIGION 248 HIP HOP AND RELIGION For many people, hip-hop and religion are incompatible. Hip-hop seems to be defined by materialism... Winters, Joseph
RELIGION 269S POLISH/JEWISH FILM Analyzes, compares, and assesses representations of Polish Christians and Polish Jews their life... Holmgren, Beth
RELIGION 323 BUDDHIST MEDITATION An in-depth examination of the Buddhist path and techniques of self-transformation in various... Jaffe, Richard
RELIGION 330S ATHEISM AND BUDDHISM A critical examination of atheism and religions (Buddhism), with a focus on intellectual, religious... Kim, Hwansoo
RELIGION 360 JESUS IN FILM Studies a variety of cinematic and television films that focus on Jesus; compares and contrasts... Goodacre, Mark
RELIGION 373S ISLAM MYS:PERSO-IND/EAST Teachings, texts, and institutions of Sufism as it expanded from Iraq and Iran to India and... Safi, Omid
RELIGION 377S RELIGION & POLITICS Examines ethical crises of Islamic regime: Did Islamic Republic promote ethics or decline morality... Kadivar, Mohsen
RELIGION 378S ISLAM IN ASIA Focus on the northern tier of Muslim-inhabited lands. The early spread of Islam among continental... Tuna, Mustafa
RELIGION 379S ISLAMIC MEDIA How contemporary technologies reawaken the sense of the sacred in daily life, rather than destroy... McLarney, Ellen
RELIGION 580S BUDDHISM AND CHRISITANITY The study of the global encounter between Buddhists and Christians from the sixteenth century to... Jaffe, Richard
RELIGION 752S FAITH AND REASON Seminar will take up the impulse given by the encyclical Fides et Ratio and explore the... Hütter, Reinhard
RELIGION 768 MOST SEGREGATED HOUR The Christian church remains the most segregated institution in America. It has been nearly sixty... Cooper, Valerie
RELIGION 782 THE NEXT CHRISTENDOM In 1900, 80 percent of the world's Christians were in Europe and North America. One hundred years... Lian, Xi
RELIGION 783 XTY OTHER REL. CULTURES The modern encounter between Christianity and other religions and cultures occurred primarily in... Lian, Xi
RELIGION 859 CATHOLIC VISUAL PIETY An examination of leading themes, imagery, and visual practices in Catholic devotion to saints... Morgan, David
RELIGION 890 SPECIAL TOPICS Graduate level special topics in religion. Topics may include Early Christianity and Deuteronomy,... Smith, J. Warren
RELIGION 890 SPECIAL TOPICS Graduate level special topics in religion. Topics may include Early Christianity and Deuteronomy,... Brettler, Marc
RELIGION 89S FIRST-YEAR SEMINAR (TOP) Topics vary each semester offered. Instructor: Staff Lieber, Laura
RELIGION 900 AFRICAN AMERICAN RELIGION/LIT In this course, we will examine and trouble the notion of African American religion by reading... Winters, Joseph
RELIGION 910S ETHNOGRAPHY OF RELIGION Examines emergence of ethnography as major research methodology in study of religion. Considers... Prasad, Leela
RELIGION 912S THEORIZING RELIGION Late nineteenth- and twentieth-century theories, interpretations, and approaches to the study of... Kim, Hwansoo
RELIGION 934 SYNOPTIC GOSPELS IN GREEK Critical, historical approach to the Synoptic Gospels, with a special focus on the Synoptic Problem... Goodacre, Mark
RELIGION 946 COMPARATIVE MEDIEVAL PHILOS The interaction between major philosophers of three Abrahamic religions in the medieval period.... Kadivar, Mohsen
RELIGION 999 SPECIAL READINGS Instructor: Staff Peters, Melvin
RELIGION 999 SPECIAL READINGS Instructor: Staff Hassan, Mona
RELIGION 999 SPECIAL READINGS Instructor: Staff Kim, Hwansoo
RELIGION 999 SPECIAL READINGS Instructor: Staff Winters, Joseph
RELIGION 999 SPECIAL READINGS Instructor: Staff Smith, J. Warren
RELIGION 999 SPECIAL READINGS Instructor: Staff Safi, Omid
RELIGION 999 SPECIAL READINGS Instructor: Staff Tuna, Mustafa