New / Noteworthy Undergraduate Courses for Spring 2016


Buddhism in America (RELIGION 89S)

WF 10:05-11:20

Dr. David Need

Intro to Religious Studies (RELIGION 101)

MW 3:05-4:20pm

Dr. Joseph Winters


Judaism (RELIGION 140)

TUTH 1:25-2:45pm

Dr. Kalman Bland

Intro to Christianity (RELIGION 150)

M 4:55-7:25pm

Erin Walsh, PhD. Candidate in Religious Studies

Islam (RELIGION 160)

WF 10:05 AM - 11:20 AM

Hunter Bandy, Ph.D. Candidate in Religious Studies

World Religions in American Life (RELIGION 178)

WF 10:05 AM - 11:20 AM

Eric Chalfant, Ph.D. Candidate in Religious Studies


Religion & Culture in Korea (RELIGION 211S)

Th 10:05-12:35pm

Dr. Hwansoo Kim

Hip Hop & Religion (RELIGION 248)

MW 11:45 AM - 01:00 PM

Dr. Joseph Winters

Religion & the Novel in India (RELIGION 258S)

Tu 3:05PM - 5:35PM

Dr. Leela Prasad

Medieval Christianity in Film & Fiction (RELIGION 261)

M 6:30-9:00

Dr. Katherine DuBois

Poetry, Desire & Religion (RELIGION 275S)

TuTh 3:05-4:20

Dr. David Need

Epics of India (RELIGION 278S)

Th 10:05-12:35

Dr. Leela Prasad

Modern Korean Buddhism (RELIGION 325S)

M 12-2:35pm

Dr. Hwansoo Kim

Islamic Civilization II (RELIGION 376)

Th 4:55-7:45

Dr. Omid Safi

Muslim Ethics & Islamic Law (RELIGION 388S)

MW 4:40-5:55

Dr. Mohsen Kadivar

  • Hymn
  • Beth Alpha, Synagogue Mosaic, Ark
  • Roman Mosaic, Galilee
  • Kuden
  • Israel western wall
  • prayer tablet meiji shrine tokyo
  • a 139ac
  • Brazil