Venice Summer Scholarships Offered!

Duke's Department of Religious Studies is offering three scholarships of $3000 each to three Duke undergraduates who have financial need in pursuing their interest in the course of study  for Duke in Venice 2014.  These monies are from a Catholic endowment fund that supports the study of Catholic history and culture. Please notify the Program Director, Sam Miglarese ( and 919.668.6275) of your interest in pursuing this opportunity.

Duke in Venice Sumer 2014



New / Noteworthy Undergraduate Courses for Fall 2014


rel 110

REL 110                                 Hinduism

T/TH 10:05-11:20am

Professor Leela Prasad


REL 80S   How to Have Sex Sexual Ethics in Early Islam & Christianity

W/F 10:05 - 11:20am

Professors Yacoob & Lillis


REL 145                                   The Old Testament/Hebrew Bible

T/TH 3:05-4:20pm

Professor Melvin Peters

rel 281

REL 281                                  Beat Generation Spirituality

M/W 1:25-2:40pm

Professor David Need


REL141                                 Judaism Through Film

M/W 10:05-11:20am

Professor Laura Lieber

rel 999

REL 999                                 Muslim Philosophy

Tues 4:40-7:10pm

Professor Mohsen Kadivar


UNC Religious Studies 583 Religion and Culture in Iran

M/W 3:30-4:45pm

Professor Mohsen Kadivar


REL 120                                 Buddhist Traditions

M/W 3:05-4:20pm

Professor Richard Jaffe


REL 89S First Year Seminar       Buddhist Meditation

Tues 3:20-5:50pm

Professor Richard Jaffe

rel 352

REL 352                                   Life and Letters of Paul

W/F 10:05-11:20am

Professor Mark Goodacre


REL 350S                               Non-Canonical Gospels

Wed 1:40-4:10pm

Professor Mark Goodacre


REL 140                             Judaism: History, Literature, Ritual

T/TH 3:05-4:20pm

Professor Shalom Goldman

  • Hymn
  • Beth Alpha, Synagogue Mosaic, Ark
  • Roman Mosaic, Galilee
  • Kuden
  • Israel western wall
  • prayer tablet meiji shrine tokyo
  • a 139ac
  • Brazil
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