Hip-Hop and Religion

For many people, hip-hop and religion are incompatible. Hip-hop seems to be defined by materialism, arrogance, violence, misogyny, and a general rejection of sacred ideals and values. In this course, we will challenge these assumptions by exploring the intersections between hip-hop and religion, while questioning what these terms mean and signify. We will examine aspects of hip-hop (rap lyrics, video images, cultural rituals, films) that explicitly or implicitly express religious commitments and sensibilities. One course.

T’ai Chi and Chinese Thought

The philosophy, cosmology, and other aspects of traditional Chinese thought embodied in the martial art of T’ai Chi. Course conducted through readings and lectures as well as actual movement praxis. Comparisons between Western bio-medical notions of the body and those implied by T’ai Chi and other facets of Chinese thought and practice, such as Chinese medicine. One course.