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  • Amy Hollywood Symposium
  • Symposium Title: Suspensions: Poetry and Time at the Edge of the Secular: A symposium with Amy Hollywood (Harvard Divinity School)   Date: Feb 6th Time: 9:00-5:30 Place: McClendon Tower Level Five   Symposium Schedule:   Morning Session Introductions 9:30-9:45: David Need (Religious Studies) 9:00-9:30 — Informal Greetings & Coffee 9:45-11:30: Poetry, Transformation and “In-Breaking” in the Contexts of Traditional/Historical Religious Performance and Communities ° Laura Lieber (Religious Studies): "Bringing Death to Life:  Personifications of Mortality in Read More
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  • Sacred Economies Symposium
  • “Materiality and Embodiment in Sacred Economies of Exchange” A symposium organized by Frank Graziano and David Morgan, this event will be a small, workshop-style occasion dedicated to some foundational conversation on sacred economies in several different religious traditions. Thursday, January 29, 2015 1:00 to 5:00pm, Alumni Memorial Commons Room, Langford Building Duke University (West Campus) Speakers David Morgan, Religious Studies, Duke University Panos Mitkidis, Behaviorial Economics, Duke/Aarhus University, Denmark Frank Graziano, Connecticut College/Duke Humanities Fellow Jessica Read More
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  • Religious Studies at the 2014 Majors Fair
  •    If you attended this year’s Majors Fair on October 21st, you witnessed a festive gathering in the Bryan Center, humming with lively discussions about course offerings, research interests, and plans for the future. Faculty and students from more than 80 departments were represented, and display tables featured zany décor ranging from animal skulls at Evolutionary Anthropology to a plastic brain sprouting lollipops at the Cognitive Neuroscience table. Representing the Religious Studies Department were faculty members Read More

2014 Graduation Cermony held on Sunday, May 11th in York Reading Room.  What better Mother's Day present could there be than having your child graduate!!

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Prof. Wes Kort shown here responding to the guest lectures by Richard Rosengarten and Conrad Ostwalt, on Thursday, April 10th. The speakers were on hand to celebrate Prof. Kort's retirement this semester from 49 years of teaching at Duke.


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